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“Is THIS what I worked
so hard for!?”

You know exactly what the next day, week or month will bring and NONE of it excites you. You feel stuck in a job that has you thinking “there’s got to be more to my career than this!?” Every. Single. Day. And it is soul-destroying!

You are successful and ambitious. Your whole life, you have smashed your goals. You've worked hard at university, climbed up the career ladder and tried to navigate your career path as best as you could.


On the outside, you have it all. But deep down you have a nagging feeling that there is more to life than this, this is not enough.

At some point along the way, you lost your sense of purpose. You feel stuck.

This shiny senior role was what you always wanted so surely you should be happy!?

You are clinging on to the good moments trying to convince yourself you love it. Hoping when you get the next promotion you will be happy. 

Your confidence is at an all-time low and you are left wondering that there must be more, a career that you could really flourish in (rather than feeling you are just staying afloat).

But you don’t know what to do instead or where to even start.

You may not know exactly what you want in your career or how to make it happen, but you do know how you want to FEEL!

It’s feel-good work that:


  • makes you excited about the week ahead, jumping out of bed on a Monday morning feeling positive and energised

  • is full of learning opportunities, growth and progress 

  • challenges you (in a good way!) and lets you step up to your full potential

  • has meaning for you because you can make a real difference

  • suits who you are and all that you have to offer so you can truly flourish 


The good news? That job does exist! 


But how you are going to get this elusive dream job?

That’s where you are stuck and need some help to figure it out!

Figuring out what to do next in your career is hard!

You worry about making the wrong decision. You worry about not using your qualifications and the knowledge you have acquired in your career. You worry if you can make a change and be a success. Besides, you struggle to let go of your great salary and title. 

You have tried to work this out alone, researched endlessly online, read career books, watched webinars and listened to podcasts. You have tried to achieve more, working hard to succeed to validate the course you have chosen. You have even changed company thinking it would make you happier.  

Each time, doing something new works for a bit but then the same feelings of dissatisfaction, being stuck and unfulfilled come back. And you are still unsure what to do.

Other career clarity programs promise to get you clear on what you want to do, and some even offer guidance on making a plan to get there. But they're missing another critical component (the thing that actually keeps you stuck): Emotion.

Digging deep and dealing with those self-limiting beliefs and stories that might otherwise derail you is the secret ingredient for making your career change a success. I will help you identify and challenge thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are stopping you from moving forward and reaching your full potential. 

That’s what Career and Confidence Reboot is all about.

You will be ready to tackle self-doubt, overwhelm and that pesky fear of change that stand in your way.  You will figure out what truly matters to you and identify your own version of success (beyond your job and salary).


You will take the steps to make your dream career happen, with me supporting you and cheering you on!


Hi, I'm Karen

I’m an accredited career and mental fitness coach and I help ambitious professionals re-discover their career mojo. 

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfil you. To doubt yourself. To go through the same cycle, dreading Monday mornings and living for the weekend or next holiday. I know how daunting it can be to figure out what it is you want to do with your life.

I so wish I would have realised sooner that it didn't need to be this way. That I didn't need to wait until I reached breaking point. That I could have empowered myself sooner to make a change. To find feel-good work that was right for me.

Helping others build their dream career with confidence is now my happy place.

I have now joined a new organisation with a clear direction on the type of work

I want to focus on

“My previous thoughts on my job search were quite scatter-gun.

As a result of coaching with Karen, I have a much clearer idea on what I want my next job to look like, referenced against my values and what is important to me in life. I have now joined a new organisation with a clear direction on the type of work I want to focus on as I head towards the next 20 years of my working career, with the flexibility I want to combine it with my family life!”

Julie Career Coaching Client

Julie, Lawyer

Introducing Career & Confidence Reboot

A 16-week 1:1 Career Coaching Programme that will get you unstuck and on the path to living your best life, and creating a career with more meaning, impact and joy.

  • Discover your strengths and what truly matters to you to finally figure out what it is you want and need to thrive at work.

  • Create your vision of a fulfilling career, on your terms, that’s fully aligned with YOU.

  • Learn to unlock your mindset so you can make your dream career a reality, with confidence and focus. 

  • Develop the strategies to make it happen and consistently put your ideas into action.

  • Save yourself the time and stress of figuring this all out on your own with the help of an accredited expert coach.


I will support, challenge and motivate you every step of the way to keep you on track!

"Karen has been a brilliant coach. Understanding, empathetic and supportive during the whole programme, I would highly recommend her."  Marketing & Communications Director UK&I

Career Reboot Programme

Career & Confidence Reboot will take you from “is this it?!” to “YES, this is IT!”, progressing on a career path that makes you feel confident, excited and fulfilled.

You will have clarity on what really matters to you and what you need to feel fulfilled

You will build courage and confidence in your ability to build your dream career 

You will have the strategy, focus and plan to make it happen, whether your career change is a small pivot or a radical change

Here's exactly what you get in our 16 weeks of 1:1 work:


  • Whatsapp support in between sessions to troubleshoot obstacles and clear mindset blocks 

  • Tap into my expert knowledge for job search best practice (LinkedIn profile, CV guidance, networking, interviewing)

  • Option to add 360-feedback, a personality assessment or leadership/management styles report

  • Option to add the 8-week Mental Fitness boot camp with free bonus modules and content

Your investment for 16 weeks of transformative 1:1 work: £1,175

(payment plans available at £297 per month)

* All coaching sessions will be held online. If you live locally in-person coaching at my office can be arranged.

  • 7 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions* tailored to your needs, drawing on proven tools from coaching, self-development and positive psychology

  • Personal Strengths survey to discover your greatest strengths

  • Personal Values workbook to identify what truly matters to you 

  • Skills audit to identify your favourite skills

  • Ideal Self worksheet 

  • Self-sabotage assessment

  • Dream Career Framework - your blueprint for making career decisions 

  • Custom selected worksheets, journal prompts, articles and meditations to deepen your learning and progress between sessions

It’s an investment in your future self and happiness, and it will pay dividends!

“I had been struggling with stress, pressure and a lack of joy in my work following my return from maternity leave.  When I was made redundant, I wanted to seize the opportunity to explore how to find work happiness and work-life balance.


Working with Karen has made me step out of my comfort zone and embrace new, different things - articles, podcasts, conversations. I have realised that I don’t want to go back to what I was doing, which I thought was the “predicted course”. I have learnt to silence my inner critic and saboteurs.


Karen has a very inquisitive style and is a great listener. She has always made what I was feeling and experiencing seem valuable and valued. I have already recommended Karen's coaching to others who are on the same journey (or wish they were). It’s an investment in your future self and happiness, and it will pay dividends!”


Jo, Senior Employment Consultant

Career & Confidence Reboot is perfect for you if...

  • you're not happy in your current job (and don’t want your boss's job) but you don't know how to figure out what you actually want

  • you feel overwhelmed about where to even begin and what to focus on 

  • you feel frustrated and stuck, wasting your time in a role that is not right for you but also trapped by how much blood, sweat and tears you have invested into making it to this point

  • you are lacking confidence in yourself and your capabilities, leaving you doubting yourself about making a change and it being a success

This is NOT for you if

  • you expect me to have all the answers and want me to tell you what to do 

  • you are unmotivated and uncommitted to take action and get yourself unstuck 

  • you don’t want to invest the time and energy to find out what truly matters to you

  • you are not prepared to dig deep and chip away at those beliefs that keep you small and stuck 

  • you are not willing to change your mindset and tackle any obstacles which stand between you and your dreams

Get the support and confidence you need to re-discover your career mojo and step into your full potential.

Over 16 weeks, we will have seven transformational coaching sessions that will get you from unsure to crystal clear, confident and raring to go.

1 Goal Setting

We will get straight to work to uncover your goals for our time together. We take a look at where you’re at in your career right now, what has worked so far, and what hasn’t worked. All your previous experiences will hold valuable lessons for your future feel-good work.


2, 3 & 4 Self-Awareness

Using assessments, reflective journaling and coaching, we will uncover your unique values and strengths. We will also map out your top skills - those skills that you are great at and love using. You will start to fill in the blanks on the Dream Career Framework, your blueprint for making career decisions.


5 Boosting Mindset and Confidence

Courage and confidence are key to unlocking your new career path. Digging deep and dealing with the emotional ‘stuff’ that is keeping you stuck is key for making your career change a success. We dig into the unique ways you stand in your own way and block your progress. I will share proven tools to silence your inner critic and stop self-sabotage in its tracks for good. 

6 Your Career Strategy and Action Plan

Ahead of our session, you will spend time journaling and envisioning your Ideal Future Self at work.

This is rocket fuel to your career dreams! With new-found self-awareness, clarity and boosted confidence and your Dream Career blueprint at your fingertips, we will draw up your strategy and plan to create a career you love. We will identify any obstacles that may stand in your way and find solutions so you don’t get derailed. No more procrastination and self-sabotage!

7 Reflection and Progress

Looking back on all that you have achieved over the past 16 weeks, we review what has worked well so far, where you need to tweak your approach and make a plan to keep you moving towards your goals.


Change starts with a single step.

That step to take charge of your life is as simple as scheduling a no-strings Discovery Call

so we can make sure we are a great fit.

I highly recommend the coaching programme - it exceeded all my expectations!

I knew I was ready for a change but struggled with a lack of clarity about what to do.

Through coaching with Karen, I have gained huge insight into what's important to me at work, what motivates and fulfils me and the type of environment I thrive in. I was able to reconnect with my professional identity and embark on a role change with energy, commitment and a clear sense of purpose and direction. I now have tools and strategies to navigate future challenges with confidence and positivity.


Karen's coaching provided me with a safe, non-judgmental space where I could openly discuss my work headwinds and be heard, validated, and challenged. These sessions were a highlight of my week and filled me with energy and positivity. If you're searching for clarity and meaning in your career, I highly recommend Karen and the Career + Confidence Reboot coaching programme - it exceeded all my expectations!" 

headshot SF.jpg

Shazia, Head of Unit in the UK Civil Service

My coaching clients come from a range of companies and backgrounds from large FTSE 100 corporates to smaller companies. 

I no longer believe that changing my career is an impossible task

“Coaching with Karen enabled me to take a step back and assess my core values and strengths which are going to be key to making future job (and life) decisions. It has increased my self-awareness and helped me gain much-needed clarity and inspiration for changing my career. Karen helped quieten my inner critic, focus on the positives and start believing in my abilities. She has a wealth of knowledge and tools which supported our sessions and ultimately helped me feel empowered in taking steps to move forward. I no longer believe that changing my career is an impossible task! Thank you so much, Karen!"

Abbey Career Coaching Client

Abbey, IT Manager

Ready to get unstuck?

Any questions? Here's how to get started.

Step Two

Before we chat on the phone I’d like to know a bit about you and what you’d like to get out of coaching with me, so check your email for questions from me.

Step Three

Hit “reply” to that email and answer the questions.

Step Four

At the scheduled time of your call, we’ll have a 30-minute chat! We’ll use the opportunity to make sure we’re the perfect fit before you commit.

Step Five

We’ll get started! If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need.

Ready to take the first step?

  • Does it matter where I am located?
    We meet on Zoom (a free online platform) so I can coach you wherever you are in the world. If you live locally in-person coaching at my office can be arranged.
  • I have tried everything. How do I know this is going to work for me?
    If you have tried everything, then you’re more ready than ever. Everything else you tried has likely not got to the root of what you want and need in your dream career and what is keeping you stuck, which is the focus of my work. Many other programmes focus only on strategy (the last part of the puzzle), but strategy without unlocking your mindset and gaining clarity of what truly matters to you and what your strengths are is pointless. If you’re stuck on ‘figuring it all out’, and also need help with “how to”, then I am your lady.
  • Are you a professionally trained coach?
    Yes, absolutely. I have an accredited Life Coaching Diploma (Wellness Professionals at Work) and am a member of the Association for Coaching (AC). I adhere to its global code of ethics. I also have a certificate in Positive Psychology with the University of California, Berkeley and have completed the Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals course and Shirzad Chamine's 'Positive Intelligence' coaching programme.
  • I cannot pay the full amount all at once, can I pay in instalments?"
    You can pay in three installments if this helps you. The first installment is due before the first coaching session, the second before the 3rd coaching session and the third before the fifth coaching session.
  • How long is the programme? Can I do it over a longer time period?
    The programme consists of seven one-hour coaching sessions and in between session learning over 16 weeks. To keep momentum up, this is what I recommend (fortnightly sessions 1-6, session 7 after four weeks). If you prefer, we can meet every three or four weeks for our coaching sessions.
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