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Coaching for Impact:
Inspire, Empower, Elevate 

Unlock optimal performance and well-being with executive and mental fitness coaching for your leaders and teams

We are living in uncertain times. In today’s dynamic business environment, the responsibilities of leaders are becoming more challenging and team dynamics are increasingly complex. Those organisations that evolve, adapt, and turn obstacles into opportunities will be the ones who thrive.


The organisations and leaders we work with have one thing in common: they champion growth, resilience and success with the happiness and well-being of their most valuable asset – their people – at the heart.


Our leadership and mental fitness coaching services equip your leaders and their teams with the insights, skills, and strategies to boost impact and be and do their best. 

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“Karen provided me with a safe, non-judgmental space where I could openly discuss my work headwinds and be heard, validated, and challenged. These sessions were a highlight of my week and filled me with energy and positivity. I highly recommend coaching with Karen - it exceeded all my expectations!"

Shazia, Head of Unit, Ministry of Justice


  • Executive Coach Accreditation - Association for Coaching (AC)

  • Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (PQ) - techniques from neuroscience, cognitive behavioural and positive psychology, and performance science to build mental fitness

  • Advanced Diploma in Coaching Skills 

  • Certified in Positive Psychology

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Why partner with Karen?

Karen is an Accredited Executive Coach and Mental Fitness Coach on a mission to make work happiness the norm, not the exception.

She has an extensive corporate background and experience in coaching leaders from a range of companies and sectors including many of the FTSE 100 and 250.

Leveraging her experience and established coaching techniques and frameworks, she empowers ambitious leaders to unlock their potential and create careers with more impact, meaning, and joy.

Karen’s areas of expertise are career development and transition, executive coaching and mental fitness coaching for individuals and teams.


Through tailored coaching clients benefit from new insight, strategies, and practical tools to gain the clarity, confidence and focus to lead and succeed with ease.


Clients describe her coaching style as perceptive, supportive, challenging, and resourceful. Results focus coupled with a caring, intuitive nature is a winning combination.

What previous clients have achieved:

  • Improved leadership skills, confidence, and presence.

  • Boosted mental fitness and resilience to deal with challenges positively.

  • Improved ability to persuade, influence and negotiate for results.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity.

  • Career advancement, including promotions.

  • Enhanced authority and credibility.

  • Greater fulfilment in their role.

  • Better working relationships.

  • Better decision-making.

  • Better well-being

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Work with me

Work with Me

Our leadership and mental fitness coaching services equip your leaders and their teams with the emotional intelligence, skills and strategies to boost impact and be at their best.

Mental Fitness Coaching - Positive Intelligence® (PQ)

Mental fitness is no longer just a buzzword - it has become essential to workplace well-being and organisational success. Build powerful habits for a positive mind and unlock the full potential of your leaders and teams.

Positive Intelligence® training has generated spectacular results for employees at hundreds of organisations worldwide from small companies to FTSE 100 corporates.

Mental Fitness Workshop

Interactive, virtual 1-hour workshop (up to 20 people)

  • Introduction to the neuroscience of mental fitness and how it helps us navigate stress, frustration, and challenges with skill and resilience.

  • Learn the 3-step process of building mental muscle to improve mental fitness and achieve peak performance, without stress.

  • Assessment to identify individual sabotaging habits (50-question survey).

  • Investment: from £475 (discounts available for non-profit/charities).

​"Fantastic! Very concise yet packed full of insights and practical tips."

"Excellent content and very thought-provoking. I can train my brain!"

"It was fabulous - the interactive elements kept the mind focussed and thinking.“

"I loved the balance of science, theory and practice. It was very informative and engaging throughout, and easy to understand and relate to."

Coaching benefits drive significant business value

Research with 100 executives showed an average ROI of almost six times the cost of coaching.


When your company invests in coaching and the growth of its people, tangible business benefits follow (ICF research):

  • 80% of people report an increase in self-confidence.

  • 70% increase in individual performance along with measurable goal attainment, clearer communication, and higher satisfaction.

  • 50% increase in team performance evidenced through better conversations, improved collaborations, and enhanced work performance.

  • 48% increase in organisational performance through business results of an increase in revenue, increase in employee retention, and higher customer satisfaction and customer advocacy.

Mental Fitness Boot Camp

High-impact app-guided and coach-supported training programme for individuals and teams.

Give your leaders and teams the tools to navigate the twists and turns of business and achieve their goals with focus, resilience, and ease. A scientifically backed approach to coaching that boosts mental fitness and dramatically improves performance AND well-being.

  • Grow the three core mental muscles necessary to radically reduce stress levels, unlock performance, improve relationships and build a strong team culture.

  • Develop the crucial emotional intelligence (EI) skills needed to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

  • Weekly modules, daily high-impact mental fitness exercises and progress tracking with the exclusive Positive Intelligence® app.

  • Coaching calls with a Certified Mental Fitness Coach.

  • New modules, exercises and monthly group coaching (week 8+, optional).

  • 1:1 or group programme (2-, 6- and 12-month options).

  • Investment: from £995 pp (discounts for 25+ places).

"This has been the most impactful training I ever experienced. You develop powerful mental muscles to deal with challenges with much less stress and greater clarity, creativity, and resilience." Adam, American Express

"A must for any individual or team serious about unleashing peak performance." Dean, HP Inc.

All coaching calls will be held via Zoom. In-app training content available on demand to fit around busy working lives.

Executive Coaching & Career Development Coaching

Our coaching support is designed to help rising leaders and executives enhance their skills, performance, and overall effectiveness in their roles. It also offers a space to explore career progression goals and how to achieve them.

Benefits are numerous, including:

  • Improved Leadership Skills: Communication, delegation, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

  • Increased Self-Awareness: A deeper understanding of personal strengths and abilities, and clarity on areas for personal and professional growth.

  • Better Time Management: Strategies to optimise time and energy, better manage workloads, and prioritise tasks more effectively.

  • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence: Better manage emotions and reactions in difficult situations.

  • Better Performance: Setting specific goals and creating action plans to achieve them.

  • Increased Confidence: Coach support and feedback to feel more confident and capable in leadership roles.

  • Improved Employee Engagement: As more effective leaders executives can create a more engaged and motivated workforce.

1:1 Bespoke Coaching

Tailored coaching plan with virtual coaching sessions

Thought-provoking 1:1 executive coaching for rising leaders and executives to achieve significant results and lasting impact.


  • Maximise personal, professional, team, and organisational potential by leveraging emotional intelligence and building on strengths. 

  • Dedicated time to understand and overcome personal development obstacles and foster a positive mindset to achieve and exceed goals, with less stress.

  • 3-, 6- and 12-month packages available.

  • KPIs and measurement agreed.

  • Assessments (optional) - 360 feedback, Personality Questionnaire, Management & Leadership styles.

  • Investment: from £250 per month

"Karen has been a brilliant coach. Understanding, empathetic and supportive during the whole programme, I would highly recommend her."  Marketing & Communications Director UK&I

Self-Awareness Coaching

Improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and development with deeper self-awareness and 1:1 coaching

  • 360 feedback – measurement of eleven leadership and management competencies and factors driving organisational performance (clarity, confidence, enablement, impact)

  • Personality questionnaire - the link between personality and job performance is compelling and universally accepted.  This questionnaire is based on the 'Big 5' model of personality and helps organisations and individuals to better understand behavioural preferences at work.

  • Leadership and Management Styles report - provides leaders with practical, tangible insight into their preferred leadership and management style.

  • The coaching package includes the chosen assessment, reports, a workbook and two 1:1 coaching sessions.

  • Investment: from £575 pp

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